Differentiated Management


Dr Jess teaches you how to differentiate your approach to management, meeting the needs of each team member to build a strong, cohesive team.

Dr Jess Speaks


Conference talks, webinars, and podcasts

Software Engineering Management & Quality

What is the relationship of quality to software engineering as a discipline? Dr. Jess teaches you how to learn about software engineering as a discipline, and make the moves you need to lead software engineering practices in your organization.

Dr Jess Writes


Books, articles, blogs, and journals. Creative and academic. Dr Jess shares her writing on a variety of topics.

Build Teacher Communities in Your School


Dr Jess brings you Anleiten, the lead community and professional development experience for schools and teachers.

Dr. Jess Plays Music

Dr Jess explores violin and viola in her journey for continued improvement.




Python and programming for students of every level. Links to resources, content, and classroom teaching suggestions from Dr. Jess
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